Gretchen Schoeninger 

Robert Nickle


4 Artists from Moholy-Nagy’s School

Photographs courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago’s Bauhaus Legacy   2013 exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago

 Bauhaus Chicago Design in the City

AUGUST 9 – SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 

moderator, Len Gittleman, Marty Hurtig

©Bauhaus Chicago Foundation

​BCF is an non profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of László Moholy-Nagy’s schools.


​ Bauhaus Chicago Exhibit Reception at the Matthew Rachman Gallery


Alexander Corazzo

DECEMBER 9, 2016 - JANUARY 29, 2017

  Alexander Corazzo (1908-1971) New Bauhaus 1937-1938 
  Gretchen Schoeninger Corazzo (1913-2016) New Bauhaus 1937-1938 

   Robert Nickle (1919-1980) Institute of Design 1944, 1946-1949
  Tadao Takano (1926-2010) Institute of Design 1947-1951

Tadao Takano

Don Dimmitt, Chuck Reynolds, Tom Schorer, Harold L Cohen 

Roundtable on Art & Design Education

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art  2320 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 

Organized by the BAUHAUSCHICAGOFOUNDATION  Curated by T. Paul Young

Chicago’s Bauhaus Legacy

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art
Exhibitions, with their related symposia, lectures, and publications, are a very effective way for us to promote the legacy. In 2013 we collaborated with the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) in Chicago to mount a large exhibition of works by some 90 students and faculty of Moholy’s schools, “Chicago’s Bauhaus Legacy.” (At that time our organization’s name was Bauhaus Chicago Committee.) More than 250 works by artists, designers, architects, and photographers were shown, some from our collection and many loaned for the exhibition. There were also lectures, a symposium, film showings, and a catalogue. Over 600 people came to the opening and attendance was strong throughout the run of the show – the first major exhibit on the New Bauhaus/Institute of Design in the US.


THIS EXHIBITION is rooted in the founding of the THIS EXHIBITION is rooted in the founding of the New Bauhaus which formally opened its doors in 1937 at the renovated Marshall Field residence on the near south side of Chicago. This new school, directed by former Bauhaus Master László Moholy-Nagy, began a powerful and dynamic new chapter within Chicago’s art, design and educa-tional community. In addition to Moholy-Nagy, the faculty in year one included Alexander Archipenko, Hin Bredendieck, György Kepes and Henry Holmes Smith.

The four gifted artists exhibited represent a unique diversity through their creative work, artists among many from Moholy’s school whose work heretofore has received only rare exposure to a broad public audience. Through their art one might find many visual connections and pedagogical threads to the important European sources at the Bauhaus of Weimar-Dessau-Berlin 1919-1933. Varied use of materials, methods, experiment or technology will be evident.

 The accompanying catalog, with an introduction by Moholy-Nagy biographer Lloyd C. Engelbrecht, illustrates the exhibited works.    In addition are artist biographies and supplemental annotated images of the artist’s other creative work as students and beyond - prints, drawings, graphic design, textiles, pottery and architecture.

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